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3P Mahjong Fury: The Ultimate Mahjong Experience


Are you ready for an exhilarating and action-packed Mahjong experience? Look no further than 3P Mahjong Fury! This unique and innovative game takes traditional Mahjong to a whole new level with its non-stop Hu Bloodbath mode, lightning-speed boss challenges, stunning visual effects, and real-time multiplayer gameplay. In this article, we will explore the exciting features and gameplay mechanics that make 3P Mahjong Fury a must-play for all Mahjong enthusiasts.

Bloodbath Mode: Hu and Hu Again!

Ready State

Once you achieve Hu (winning hand) in 3P Mahjong Fury, you’ll enter the adrenaline-pumping Bloodbath mode. In this mode, you’ll have to discard a tile and cannot change your hand. Your goal is simple – play till the last tile! But beware, your opponents won’t give up easily.

Blood Meter

Each player now has a Blood Meter. When you achieve Hu, you gain Blood, but when others achieve Hu, you lose Blood. The Blood Meter adds a strategic element to the game, forcing you to make crucial decisions to stay in the match. If you run out of Blood, you’ll have to choose to either Revive and continue playing or Resign and accept a score penalty.

Resignation & Penalty

Even if one player resigns, the game continues until there’s only one winner left. Players who choose to resign will receive a score penalty, ensuring that every match remains intense and competitive until the very end.

Game Rules: A Twist on Traditional Mahjong

Only 84 Tiles Used

In 3P Mahjong Fury, the game is played with a set of 84 tiles. This includes 36 number tiles, 28 honors tiles, 16 bonus tiles, and 4 joker tiles.

Minimum FAN to Game

To achieve Hu, a player needs to score a minimum of 5 Fans. This adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay, as players strive to build powerful hands to reach the required Fan count.


Jokers are special tiles that can be combined with any cards to form a Pong or Chow. If a joker is discarded, it adds 1 Fan to your hand. Additionally, if you draw a tile that can replace a joker used in a Pong or Chow, the joker will automatically be swapped with that tile. However, a joker cannot replace a tile that has already appeared 4 times in your hand.

Bomb Multipliers

In 3P Mahjong Fury, whenever there is a Kong or a Bite, a Bomb Multiplier is created. Bombs multiply the Fan winnings of the game, adding an explosive element to the gameplay and increasing the stakes for every move you make.


Bites are pairs of matching bonus tiles that give an instant payout. For example, a pair of Flower and Season of the same number or specific combinations like Cat + Rat or Rooster + Centipede. Bites offer a quick way to boost your score and gain an advantage over your opponents.

Additional Fan Multipliers

To further enhance the excitement, 3P Mahjong Fury introduces additional Fan multipliers based on the number of Fans you have. These multipliers range from x1 for 5 to 9 Fans to x2 for 10 to 19 Fans, and so on. The more Fans you accumulate, the higher your potential winnings.

Combos and Fans: Unleash Your Mahjong Skills

Comprehensive Combo and Fan Collection

3P Mahjong Fury boasts the most comprehensive Combo and Fan collection in the Mahjong world. Experience the thrill of achieving the never-before-seen 13 Wonders in 3 player Mahjong, along with many other exciting combinations. Each combo and fan offers a unique challenge and rewards skilled players with higher scores.

Steal Kong

In 3P Mahjong Fury, you have the opportunity to steal your win from an opponent’s Pong-Kong. If you successfully steal a win, the discarder will have to pay double. It’s a high-risk, high-reward move that can turn the tide of the game in your favor. Just remember, you cannot steal from a Self Kong.

Crashing the Dragon Gate

Are you ready to prove your Mahjong skills and become the true King of Mahjong? In 3P Mahjong Fury, you can challenge rival players, unlock the 9 Dragon Gates, and rise through the ranks. Your ratings and chips will determine your position as you aim to break through the Dragon Gates and find your perfect match.


Please note that 3P Mahjong Fury is intended for an adult audience (18+) for amusement purposes only. The game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money, cash, or prizes based on gameplay. Playing or succeeding in this game does not imply future success at real money gambling or any gambling-related venture, online or offline. The in-game currency and rewards have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for real money or goods.


3P Mahjong Fury brings a fresh and exciting twist to the world of Mahjong. With its non-stop Hu Bloodbath mode, lightning-speed boss challenges, and stunning visual effects, this game offers an unparalleled Mahjong experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Mahjong player or new to the game, 3P Mahjong Fury will keep you entertained and engaged for hours on end. So, gather your friends, test your skills, and embark on an unforgettable Mahjong journey today!

3P Mahjong Fury
3P Mahjong Fury
3P Mahjong Fury
3P Mahjong Fury
3P Mahjong Fury
3P Mahjong Fury
3P Mahjong Fury
3P Mahjong Fury
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