About AeroPlay

Introducing AeroPlay – Your Recordable AirPlay Audio Receiver

What is AeroPlay?

AeroPlay is an Android application that allows your device to act as an AirPlay speaker (receiver) on your network. This means that compatible devices can send audio to your Android device, which will then relay the sound to its speaker or headphones. AeroPlay is a reimplementation of the AirTunes protocol, also known as AirPlay, specifically designed for Android devices.

What Can AeroPlay Do?

AeroPlay can not only receive audio but can also record incoming audio as a file. The app supports .M4A files in AAC and HE-AAC+ formats or lossless FLAC files. You can choose from a variety of preset bitrates to ensure the best quality.

Additionally, AeroPlay allows you to apply real-time audio effects such as equalization, reverb, gain, and bass boost. However, the availability of these effects is limited to those built into your device.

Finally, if the sending device allows remote control, AeroPlay will act as the controller. This means you can play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and adjust the volume of the sending device. However, note that this feature is subject to the sender’s implementation of the service, which can be idiosyncratic at best.

Known Issues with AeroPlay

AeroPlay was designed to be compatible with the protocol used in version 1 of AirPlay, specifically the version used by an AirPort Express device. Therefore, it inherits the issues associated with these devices.

One known issue is that using AirPlay directly from within Safari’s video element (as used by YouTube, etc.) is not supported as of macOS Ventura. This issue also affects Apple’s AirPort Express. The workaround is to use the app as an AirPlay output device in the Sound Control Panel.


If you’re looking for an application that can turn your Android device into an AirPlay speaker (receiver), AeroPlay is the perfect solution. With its ability to record incoming audio, apply real-time audio effects, and act as a controller, AeroPlay is a comprehensive solution for all your audio needs. So why wait? Download AeroPlay today and start enjoying high-quality audio on your Android device!

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