About Apollo

Discover the World of Audio Fiction with Apollo

Are you a fan of audio fiction? Do you love immersing yourself in a good story, with vivid characters and exciting plot twists? If so, then you need to check out Apollo, the podcast app that is dedicated entirely to audio fiction.

What is Apollo?

Apollo is a podcast app that is designed specifically for audio fiction. It is the ultimate destination for anyone who loves to listen to stories, with a library that includes ONLY fiction shows (and nothing else).

With Apollo, you can discover new audio fiction like a pro, with shows categorized by Genre (with 18 genres including drama, sci-fi, and actual play), by Format (narrator, full cast, audiobook, etc.), and by even more tags. You can find your new favorite show in over 20 playlists curated by actual humans: seasoned audio drama creators and long-time fans of the medium.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features that you can enjoy with Apollo:

An app 100% dedicated to fiction podcast listening and discovery

Apollo is the only podcast app that is completely dedicated to audio fiction. You won’t find any news or talk shows here – just the best fiction podcasts from around the world.

Completely free to use; no login required

You don’t need to create an account or pay any fees to use Apollo. Simply download the app and start listening.

Full-feature podcast player via open RSS

Apollo’s podcast player is packed with features, including playback speed control, sleep timer, and volume boost. And because Apollo uses open RSS, you can easily add your own favorite shows to the app.

Discover new content, catalogued by genre and format

Apollo makes it easy to find new shows that match your interests. You can browse by genre, format, and even by tags such as “epic” or “romance”.

Shows organized seamlessly by season

With Apollo, you won’t have to scroll through a long list of episodes to find the one you want. Shows are organized by season, so you can quickly find the first episode and start listening.

Share audio series & specific episodes with only a few taps

Want to share a great episode with a friend? With Apollo, you can easily share links to specific episodes or entire series.

Explore new content while listening in the background

You can keep listening to your favorite shows even while you browse new content or explore the app.

New fiction shows added daily

Apollo is updated daily with new, open-RSS fiction podcasts. You’ll always have something new to discover.

A focus on indie creators, while also including the blockbuster pods you love

Apollo is committed to supporting indie creators and giving them a platform to share their work. But you’ll also find plenty of blockbuster shows from well-known creators.

Listen to Lunar Company shows ad-free

If you’re a fan of Lunar Company shows like the award-winning series Earth Eclipsed, you can listen to them ad-free with Apollo.

Download Apollo Today

If you’re ready to discover the world of audio fiction, download Apollo today. It’s free, easy to use, and packed with features that will help you find your next favorite show. Join our community of audio fiction lovers and help shape the future of this exciting medium.

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