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1. Introducing Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon Inc.

Are you ready for an epic adventure? Join the Beaver family in their quest for revenge in Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon Inc. This afk auto clicker game takes the idle genre to a whole new level, giving you the freedom to choose your playstyle. Whether you prefer a lazy approach where everything is automated or an active one where you need to tap as fast as you can, this game has something for everyone.

If you enjoy customizing your character and exploring different game genres like anime, mining, and park games, then Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon Inc. is the perfect choice for you. Join Lumber Beaver and his son as they embark on a thrilling adventure to find the culprit behind the destruction of their beautiful house.

1.1 A Unique Adventure

In Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon Inc., you will be taken on a unique adventure through various landscapes. From the dense forests of autumn to the flowering alleys of summer and magical thickets of mushrooms, there is always something new to discover. Armed with an axe, you must chop down thousands of trees in search of the culprit.

The addictive gameplay mechanics will keep you hooked for hours on end. Can you find the culprit and restore peace to the Beaver family?

1.2 Unlock Weapons and Customize Your Character

As you progress through the game, you will earn money and unlock new weapons. Each weapon comes with its own unique characteristics and sounds, making the gameplay even more exciting. Choose the weapon that suits your playstyle and become a master lumberjack.

But it’s not just about the weapons. In Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon Inc., you can also customize your character and your son with fascinating or menacing skins. Stand out from the crowd and show off your unique style as you chop down trees and seek revenge.

1.3 Exciting Tasks and Rare Diamonds

Completing exciting tasks in Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon Inc. will not only earn you rewards but also rare diamonds. These diamonds can be used to purchase even more fascinating skins for you and your son. Make sure to keep an eye out for tasks and challenges to earn those precious diamonds.

1.4 Potions and Magical Soup Bottles

Need an extra boost? Use potions to charge your nervous system and become as strong as the Hulk or as fast as Super Sonic. These potions will give you an edge in your quest for revenge.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Gather ingredients like eggs, lamps, cookies, and more to create magical soup bottles. These bottles will give you additional abilities and powers, making you an unstoppable force in the game.

1.5 Progress Tree and Treasures

As you chop down trees and progress through the game, you will come across the progress tree. This tree holds treasures, resources, and precious chest keys. Unlocking these treasures will give you valuable rewards and help you on your journey.

1.6 Create Your Own Leveling Strategy

Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon Inc. gives you the freedom to create your own leveling strategy. Will you improve everything gradually, focus on speed, or aim for critical damage? Each option has its own advantages, so choose wisely and tailor your strategy to your playstyle.

1.7 Fight the Mysterious Bamboo

One of the challenges you will face in Beaver Rush: Idle Tycoon Inc. is the mysterious bamboo. This bamboo recovers quickly, making it a formidable opponent. But don’t worry, if things don’t go as planned, you can use the super ability ‘RESTART’ to try again. Keep in mind that using this ability will reset your progress and temporary improvements.

However, defeating the bamboo will reward you with wood, which you can use to become the ultimate slayer of woods. Good luck on your journey, and remember to stay patient and persistent. The WebCave team wishes you success in your quest for revenge.

Beaver Rush
Beaver Rush
Beaver Rush
Beaver Rush
Beaver Rush
Beaver Rush
Beaver Rush
Beaver Rush
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