Cocobi Supermarket – Kids game

About Cocobi Supermarket – Kids game

Shop with the Cocobi Dinosaur Family at Cocobi Supermarket!

Who are Coco and Lobi?

Meet Coco and Lobi, the adorable dinosaur siblings who live on a dinosaur island. Coco is the brave older sister, while Lobi is the curious little brother. They live with their mom and dad, as well as other dinosaur families on the island. Join them on their special adventure at Cocobi Supermarket!

What can you find at Cocobi Supermarket?

Cocobi Supermarket is a fun-filled shopping experience for kids. With over 100 items to buy, there is something for everyone. From fruits and vegetables to toys, dolls, cakes, cookies, and more, you can find everything you need at Cocobi Supermarket.

The Snack Corner

Indulge in a wide variety of candies, chocolates, and cookies at the snack corner. Make sure to check the shopping list and pick up all the snacks you need. Fill up your cart and satisfy your sweet tooth!

The Beverage Corner

Quench your thirst at the beverage corner. Mom and dad need some drinks to go with their food. Should Coco and Lobi choose sweet grape juice or a refreshing slushy? Help them make the perfect beverage selection.

The Toy Shop

Explore the toy shop filled with every child’s favorite toys. From creative Legos to giant dinosaurs, cute rabbits, fun ducks, and pretty Barbie dolls, there is something for every boy and girl. Join Coco and Lobi in finding the best toys!

The Produce Corner

Discover a wide array of sweet fruits and fresh vegetables at the produce corner. Select your favorite fruits and vegetables and add them to your shopping cart. Don’t forget to pay for them at the checkout counter!

The Bakery

Indulge in delicious sandwiches, cakes, donuts, and bread at the bakery. Create your own cake and decorate it with sweet sugar and chocolates. Become a baker and make the best cakes with Coco and Lobi!

The Seafood Corner

Experience the thrill of catching fresh fish at the seafood corner. Buy seafood and even try your hand at catching the fish swimming in the fish tank. But watch out for the electric eel and ink shooting octopus!

Cart Racing Game

Take a break from shopping and enjoy an exciting cart racing game in Cocobi’s Supermarket. Hop on your cart and race through the supermarket, encountering cookies, giant toys, and even flying fish along the way. It’s a thrilling adventure!

When can you play at Cocobi Supermarket?

You can play at Cocobi Supermarket anytime you want. The fun never stops at this virtual supermarket. Whether it’s a lazy weekend afternoon or a rainy day indoors, Cocobi Supermarket is always ready to provide hours of entertainment.

Why should you choose Cocobi Supermarket?

Cocobi Supermarket offers a unique and engaging shopping experience for kids. Not only can they shop for their favorite items, but they can also play various exciting games within the supermarket. This combination of shopping and gaming keeps kids entertained while promoting problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

Where can you find Cocobi Supermarket?

You can find Cocobi Supermarket on KIGLE, a platform that creates fun games and educational apps for kids. KIGLE offers a wide range of free games for children aged 3 to 7 years old. Kids from all around the world can enjoy the games and learn while they play.

How does Cocobi Supermarket benefit children?

Cocobi Supermarket promotes curiosity, creativity, memory, and concentration in children. By playing the games and shopping for items, kids can enhance their problem-solving and logical thinking skills. They can also learn about different types of food, develop their imagination, and improve their hand-eye coordination. Cocobi Supermarket is not just a fun game, but also an educational tool for young children.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Coco and Lobi on their shopping adventure at Cocobi Supermarket and have a blast exploring the aisles, playing games, and learning along the way!

Cocobi Supermarket – Kids game
Cocobi Supermarket – Kids game
Cocobi Supermarket – Kids game
Cocobi Supermarket – Kids game
Cocobi Supermarket – Kids game
Cocobi Supermarket – Kids game
Cocobi Supermarket – Kids game
Cocobi Supermarket – Kids game
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