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About CryptoWord

1. Introducing Cryptoword: The Word Search Game that Earns You Bitcoin

Are you a word guru looking for a fun and challenging game? Look no further! Cryptoword is a unique word search game that not only tests your vocabulary skills but also allows you to earn Bitcoin while playing. Get ready to dive into a world of words and cryptocurrency!

1.1 What is Cryptoword?

Cryptoword is an exciting word search game available on the App Store that combines the thrill of finding words with the opportunity to earn Bitcoin. It offers a fresh twist on the traditional word search puzzle, making it a must-try for word enthusiasts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

1.2 How does Cryptoword work?

Cryptoword comes with a unique scoring system that sets it apart from other word search games. When you start playing, you’ll notice a definitions bar at the top of the screen. This bar helps you discover and learn new vocabulary as you spell out words in the game.

To start earning Bitcoin, simply tap on the Wallet button on the home screen and sign in with your Coinbase or Binance email. Once you sign in, you will receive Satoshis (nano Bitcoins) as a sign-up bonus. The more you play, the more Satoshis you can win, and you can claim your earnings every three days.

2. How to Play Cryptoword

Now that you understand the concept of Cryptoword, let’s dive into how to play the game. Get ready to challenge yourself and improve your spelling skills while having fun!

2.1 Connecting Letters to Form Words

In Cryptoword, your goal is to connect letters on the game board to form words. You can do this by tapping or sliding your finger across the letters. The letters can be linked vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

As you connect letters and form words, the bricks on the game board will pop. The popped bricks will stack on top of each other, creating new opportunities to find more words. The more words you link up, the more points you’ll earn.

2.2 Scoring System in Cryptoword

Cryptoword features a unique scoring system that rewards you based on the length of the words you form. Here’s how the scoring works:

– 3-letter word: 45 points
– 4-letter word: 80 points
– 10-letter word: 500 points
– 20-letter word: 2000 points

As you can see, longer words result in higher scores. The formula for calculating your score is Score = Blocks * Blocks * 5. So, the more blocks you clear with each word, the higher your score will be.

2.3 Bonus Points and Target Score

In addition to the regular scoring system, Cryptoword offers bonus points and a target score for each level. Here’s how it works:

– Bonus Points: When you finish a level with fewer blocks left, you’ll earn bonus points. The formula for calculating bonus points is Bonus = 2000 – Blocks * Blocks * 20. So, the fewer blocks you have left, the more bonus points you’ll receive.

– Target Score: The target score for each level increases in the order of level squared (O(n^2)). This means that as you progress through the game, the target score will become more challenging to achieve.

2.4 Color Blocks and Change Coins

To add an extra layer of excitement, Cryptoword introduces color blocks that offer additional points when added up. Each color block carries a different point value:

– Green: 5 points
– Red: 10 points
– Yellow: 15 points
– Blue: 20 points
– Purple: 25 points

These points are added to your word score based on the letter’s color. So, keep an eye out for the color blocks to boost your score!

If you ever find yourself stuck or feeling lucky, Cryptoword allows you to use a Change Coin. This coin enables you to change a letter (and its color) into a new one, giving you a chance to discover new words and earn more points.

2.5 Game Centre Leaderboard

Cryptoword offers a competitive edge by allowing you to submit your scores to the Game Centre leaderboard. If you’re signed in, you can see how your scores stack up against players from around the world. Challenge yourself to beat the high score and become the ultimate word master!

3. Conclusion

Cryptoword is not your average word search game. It combines the excitement of finding words with the opportunity to earn Bitcoin, making it a unique and engaging experience. Whether you’re a word enthusiast or a cryptocurrency enthusiast, Cryptoword offers a thrilling challenge that will keep you entertained for hours.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Cryptoword from the App Store today and embark on a word-filled journey where every word you find brings you closer to earning Bitcoin. Start playing, start earning, and become a Cryptoword champion!

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