D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)

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About D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)

D4 DJ: The Ultimate Rhythm Game with Over 600 Songs!

Are you a fan of rhythm games? Do you love discovering new music from anime, games, and voice actors? Look no further than D4 DJ, the ultimate rhythm game with over 600 songs in total! With the theme of “connect”, D4 DJ brings you a variety of forms, including original songs by characters and remix covers of classic songs.

Cast & Unit Music Producers

D4 DJ features a variety of cast and unit music producers, each with their own unique style and sound. Here are just a few of the exciting options available in the game:

Happy Around!

Unit music producer: Shige Saito

– Rin Aimoto: Yuka Westo
– Masashi Akashi: Ka Cara
– Daimonmon Unicorn: Haruka Mimura
– Rei Togichi: Mae Irie
– Peaky P-key

BanG Dream! Series

Unit music producer: Noriyoshi Uepine (Elements Garden)

– Kyoko Mountaine: Ami
– Dog-shooter: Miyu Takaki
– Sasako Jennifer Yuka: Moe Koi Fountain
– Kiyora Eri Sky: Rei Kurichi
– Photon Maiden

Mobile Warrior Gundom00, Alchemist of Steel, and More

Unit music producer: Seoji Miimo

– Izumaki Saki
– Kishin Nisashi: Sound Sound of Seven Stones
– Otokazu Hanamaki: Yoichi Iwada
– Fukushi Noah: Hyuga Sato
– Merm4id

Pocket Monster THE ORIGIN and More

Unit music producer: Kazuto Tsuda

– Seto Rica: Hail Island Summer Sea
– Marie Sushika: Yume Okada
– Hidden Height: Hikari
– Dashria Dhill: Love Negashi
– Phosphorus

BanG Dream! and Algonabys from BanG Dream!

Unit Music Producer: Sho Nakamura

– Yume Sakurada: Ha Moon
– Haruna Spring Day: Amane Shindo
– Swan Walnut: Fuka River Ruka
– Miko Taketake: Yukazu Wase
– Lyrical Lily

UniCh Fire

Unit music producer: Kojiro Koiwai

– Mihara Miiri: Kojiro Koikai
– 1 Star Lumina: Takahashi Flower Forest
– Shinoshinomiya Love: Zhugo Yura
– Tintendo Hate: Yuki Tenma
– Abyssmare

Connect with D4 DJ

D4 DJ is more than just a rhythm game – it’s a way to connect with people across genders and ages, characters to real life, and prehistoric songs to modern music. With over 600 songs to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love.


In conclusion, if you’re a fan of rhythm games and love discovering new music, you won’t want to miss D4 DJ. With a variety of cast and unit music producers and over 600 songs to choose from, D4 DJ is the ultimate way to connect with music and people from all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Join the new world of D4 DJ today!

D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)
D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)
D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)
D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)
D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)
D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)
D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)
D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)
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