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Step into the Shoes of a Doctor and Help Patients


Do you have what it takes to be a multi-tasking doctor? Are you ready to use your medical skills and bring happiness to sick patients? If so, then this is the game for you! In this fun and exciting game, you will have the opportunity to check the respiratory system, fix sore throat problems, get rid of head lice, heal digestive problems, use a head MRI scan, and even fly an emergency helicopter. Get ready to step into the shoes of a doctor and make a difference in the lives of your patients.

1. What to Expect in the Game?

Explore 6 Thematic Mini-Games

Once you start playing the game, you will have access to six thematic mini-games, each focusing on a different aspect of medical care. Let’s take a closer look at what each mini-game has to offer:

  1. Lungs: In this mini-game, you will use a breathing machine to help patients with respiratory issues. You will also have to kill bacteria in an Archer mini-game and choose the right inhaler to open up the airways.
  2. Throat: Sore throats can be quite uncomfortable, but fear not! In this mini-game, you will take a swab with a medical stick, eliminate viruses in a Bubble shooter mini-game, and even offer the soothing relief of fresh ice cream.
  3. Head Lice: Head lice can be a nuisance, but you will be equipped with a magnifying glass to find and get rid of them. Choose a super shampoo for an effective anti-lice treatment.
  4. Stomach: The stomach mini-game requires you to use a CT scan to examine all the organs in the body. Identify which organ needs healing, eliminate viruses, and choose the right pill for treatment.
  5. Neurology: In this mini-game, you will scan a patient’s head, solve brain puzzles, and choose the appropriate bandage for healing.
  6. Ambulance: Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you take control of an emergency helicopter. Fly to burning skyscrapers and save kids in need of immediate medical attention.

Each mini-game offers an exciting challenge and allows you to utilize your medical skills in different scenarios. Are you ready to take on the role of a doctor and make a difference in the lives of your patients?

2. In-Game Purchases and Features

Earning Virtual Currency and In-App Purchases

The basic gameplay of the app is available free of charge. However, certain in-game items and features may require payment through in-app purchases. These purchases can be made using real money. You have the option to either earn virtual currency by playing the game or buy them directly from the in-game store.

Before making any in-app purchases, please check your device settings for more detailed options and ensure that you are comfortable with the cost involved.

Advertising in the Game

The game contains advertising for Bubadus products and some third-party advertisers. These advertisements may redirect users to our website or a third-party site or app.

If you prefer an ad-free experience, you can make an in-app purchase to remove third-party advertising. This option is available within the game under the “No ads” purchase.

3. Realism and Limitations of the Game

Real-Life Tasks with Adjustments

The game includes tasks that are comparable to real-life medical events. However, it’s important to note that certain adjustments have been made to suit the game’s audience and the limitations of the mobile environment.

While playing the game, you will acquire knowledge and skills related to medical care. However, please remember that the knowledge gained from the game cannot be directly applied in real-life situations. The game is designed for entertainment purposes and should not be seen as a substitute for professional medical training or advice.

Child Privacy Protection

The game is certified compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by FTC approved COPPA safe harbor PRIVO. This means that the game takes measures to protect the privacy of children.

If you would like to know more about the specific measures in place for protecting child privacy, please refer to our policies available on our website.


Step into the shoes of a doctor and embark on a medical adventure to help your patients. With six thematic mini-games and a range of medical challenges, this game offers an engaging and educational experience. Use your medical skills, make important decisions, and spread happiness to your sick little patients. Whether it’s checking the respiratory system, fixing sore throats, eliminating head lice, healing digestive problems, using a head MRI scan, or flying an emergency helicopter, the choice is yours. Get ready to make a difference!

Remember, the game is designed for entertainment purposes and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical training or advice. So, are you ready to become a multi-tasking doctor and save lives?

Doctor Kids 2
Doctor Kids 2
Doctor Kids 2
Doctor Kids 2
Doctor Kids 2
Doctor Kids 2
Doctor Kids 2
Doctor Kids 2
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