Escape Game: The Lake View

About Escape Game: The Lake View

1. Welcome to the Hidden Corner Hotel: A Lakeside Retreat

Welcome to the Hidden Corner Hotel, a hidden gem nestled on the lakeside with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain peaks. As you step into our hotel, you’ll be greeted by the serene sounds of birds chirping and the gentle rustling of trees. The open-air guest rooms, complete with a free-flowing spring water bath and a balcony overlooking the lakeside, offer a truly immersive experience in nature.

1.1 The ‘Lake View’ Room: A Corner Suite on the Top Floor

We have specially designed the ‘Lake View’ room for those seeking an extraordinary experience. This corner suite is located on the top floor of the hotel, offering panoramic views of the lush greenery and the stunning lakeside. Imagine waking up to the sight of the sun gently seeping through the curtains, casting a warm glow on the room.

2. Features of the Hidden Corner Hotel Application

The Hidden Corner Hotel application is designed to enhance your stay and provide you with a seamless experience. Here are some of the key features:

2.1 Adorable Characters for Children

We understand the importance of keeping young guests entertained. That’s why we have incorporated adorable characters into our application, making it enjoyable for children of all ages. Whether they’re exploring the hotel grounds or engaging in interactive games, our application ensures a fun and engaging experience for the little ones.

2.2 Easy for First-Time Players

Our application is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for first-time players to navigate and enjoy. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or someone who’s not familiar with applications, you’ll find the Hidden Corner Hotel application intuitive and straightforward.

2.3 Hints to Guide You

Don’t worry if you find yourself stuck in a puzzle or unsure of the next step. Our application features a hint system that provides guidance and ensures you never get completely stuck. With the hints at your disposal, you can enjoy the game without any frustrations or roadblocks.

2.4 Auto-Save Function

Worried about losing your progress? Fear not! The Hidden Corner Hotel application comes with an auto-save function that automatically saves your game progress. So even if you need to take a break or switch devices, you can pick up right where you left off.

2.5 Note-Taking Made Easy

Intrigued by a clue or need to jot down some information? Our application has a built-in note-taking feature that eliminates the need for pen and paper. Simply swipe left from the right edge of the screen to access the note-taking function and keep track of important details.

3. How to Play the Hidden Corner Hotel Application

Playing the Hidden Corner Hotel application is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to navigate and enjoy the game:

3.1 Easy Operation Method

Our application boasts an easy operation method, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience. Simply tap the screen to interact with objects and explore your surroundings. The intuitive controls make it a breeze for players of all skill levels.

3.2 Search and Explore

To progress in the game, you’ll need to search and explore every nook and cranny of the hotel. Tap on different areas of the screen to investigate and uncover hidden clues. Pay attention to details and think outside the box to solve puzzles and advance in the game.

3.3 Change the Viewpoint

Sometimes, changing your viewpoint can reveal new information or uncover hidden objects. Tap the button on the bottom of the screen to switch between different perspectives. Experiment with different viewpoints to gain a fresh perspective and uncover new mysteries.

3.4 Use and Combine Items

Throughout your exploration, you’ll come across various items that can be used to solve puzzles or unlock new areas. Double tap the item button to enlarge it and get a closer look. To use an item, simply drag it to the desired location or combine it with other items. The combination of items can often lead to unexpected discoveries.

3.5 Utilize the Hint System

If you find yourself stuck or unsure of the next step, don’t hesitate to use the hint system. The hint button is located in the MENU, which can be accessed from the upper left corner of the screen. The hints will provide you with subtle nudges in the right direction, ensuring you stay engaged and motivated throughout the game.

4. About the Developers

The Hidden Corner Hotel application was developed by a talented team of individuals who are passionate about creating enjoyable experiences for users. Let’s meet the minds behind this captivating game:

4.1 Jammsworks – Programmer

Jammsworks is the programming genius behind the Hidden Corner Hotel application. With their technical expertise and attention to detail, they have crafted a seamless and immersive gameplay experience for users. Their dedication to creating top-quality games shines through in every aspect of the application.

4.2 Asahi Hirata – Designer

Asahi Hirata is the creative force behind the captivating design of the Hidden Corner Hotel application. With their eye for aesthetics and knack for creating visually stunning environments, Asahi has brought the hotel to life in a way that transports players to another world. From the lush greenery to the intricate details, Asahi’s design work is truly remarkable.

4.3 Naruma Saito – Producer

Naruma Saito is the mastermind behind the production of the Hidden Corner Hotel application. Their vision and leadership have guided the development process, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience for users. Naruma’s passion for creating games that resonate with players is evident in the final product.

5. Enjoy More Games and Music

If you’ve enjoyed the Hidden Corner Hotel application, we invite you to explore other games and music created by the same talented team:

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Thank you for choosing the Hidden Corner Hotel application. We hope you have a memorable and enjoyable experience exploring the hotel and solving its mysteries. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Happy gaming!

Escape Game: The Lake View
Escape Game: The Lake View
Escape Game: The Lake View
Escape Game: The Lake View
Escape Game: The Lake View
Escape Game: The Lake View
Escape Game: The Lake View
Escape Game: The Lake View
Escape Game: The Lake View
Escape Game: The Lake View
Escape Game: The Lake View
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