FACTO Schule Lv.1 Operations

About FACTO Schule Lv.1 Operations

1. Introducing FACTO Schule: The Ultimate App for Learning Operations

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to learn operations in primary mathematics? Look no further! FACTO Schule is here to help you master the art of dividing and collecting numbers below 5. With exciting games, challenges, and rewards, this app is the perfect companion for students who want to excel in their math skills.

1.1 What is FACTO Schule?

FACTO Schule is an educational app that focuses on teaching operations, one of the essential components of the primary mathematics curriculum. By using engaging games and interactive activities, the app aims to make learning mathematics a fun and enjoyable experience.

1.2 Why Choose FACTO Schule?

Unlike traditional learning methods, FACTO Schule takes a unique approach to teach operations. Instead of boring textbooks and repetitive worksheets, this app offers a hands-on learning experience through exciting games and challenges. Students can practice their dividing and collecting skills while having fun and earning rewards.

2. How Does FACTO Schule Work?

The main objective of FACTO Schule is to help students master the art of dividing and collecting numbers below 5. The app provides a series of games and challenges that gradually increase in difficulty, allowing students to progress at their own pace.

2.1 The Climbing Competition Game

One of the most popular games in FACTO Schule is the Climbing Competition. In this game, students are presented with a division problem, and they have to select the correct answer from multiple choices. The faster they answer, the higher their chances of winning the competition.

2.2 Battles and Gold Medals

FACTO Schule rewards students for their hard work and dedication. By successfully completing games and challenges, students can earn gold medals. These medals serve as a symbol of their achievements and can be a great source of motivation to keep pushing forward.

3. Awards and Recognition

FACTO Schule has been recognized for its outstanding contribution to the field of e-learning. The app was awarded “The Grand Prize in Solution Field” at the prestigious 2019 E-Learning Korea Awards. This recognition is a testament to the app’s effectiveness and its ability to make learning operations an enjoyable experience.

4. Device Compatibility

FACTO Schule is optimized for Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.0 SM-T380, SM-290, Galaxy S8, S9, note8, and note9 devices. However, if you are using other devices, there might be compatibility issues that could affect the app’s performance. It is recommended to use the app on the supported devices for the best experience.

5. Conclusion

If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to learn operations, FACTO Schule is the perfect app for you. With its engaging games, challenges, and rewards, this app will make learning a breeze. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to excel in your math skills while having fun. Download FACTO Schule today and embark on an exciting mathematical journey!

FACTO Schule Lv.1 Operations
FACTO Schule Lv.1 Operations
FACTO Schule Lv.1 Operations
FACTO Schule Lv.1 Operations
FACTO Schule Lv.1 Operations
FACTO Schule Lv.1 Operations
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