Furzies: Mergedoku

About Furzies: Mergedoku

1. What is Furzies: Mergedoku?

1.1 A Relaxing and Challenging Puzzle Game

Furzies: Mergedoku is a mobile game that offers an endless and minimalist puzzle challenge. It is a block-doku game that combines the elements of Sudoku and line block puzzles. With its relaxing and challenging gameplay, Furzies: Mergedoku will keep you addicted and engaged for hours.

1.2 Test Your IQ and Train Your Brain

This game is not just about entertainment; it also helps you improve your cognitive abilities. By playing Furzies: Mergedoku, you can test your IQ and train your brain. It requires strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to achieve the highest score possible.

1.3 Easy to Play, Difficult to Master

Furzies: Mergedoku is designed to be easy to learn and play. However, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. As you progress, the game becomes more challenging, and you’ll find yourself wanting to beat your own score over and over again.

2. How to Play Furzies: Mergedoku?

2.1 The Game Board

The game board in Furzies: Mergedoku consists of a 9×9 grid. Your goal is to join the furzies blocks on the grid and clear it.

2.2 Making Line Combinations

Similar to Sudoku, you can make line combinations horizontally, vertically, or in boxes. Combine the furzies strategically to improve their effects and clear the grid.

2.3 The Effects of Furzies

Each furzie has a unique effect. Tap on the furzies to activate their effects and utilize them to your advantage. The effects of multiple furzies can result in score multipliers, allowing you to achieve higher scores.

3. Meet the Furzies Characters

3.1 Shavespeare

Shavespeare is a furzie who loves to read books. It believes in the power of relaxation for the body and exercise for the mind.

3.2 Sandy

Sandy enjoys taking long walks on the beach after putting in a hard day’s work. It finds solace in the tranquility of nature.

3.3 Pablo

Pablo finds unwinding by spending an entire day fishing. It finds peace and joy in the calmness of the water.

3.4 Furzie

Furzie is a furry character that loves breakfast food at any time of the day. It also enjoys chasing fireflies on its days off.

3.5 King Saturn

King Saturn is currently looking for a fluffy companion to go stargazing with. It has a fondness for cakes and sweet treats.

3.6 Wooly

Wooly is a professional sheep counter with an impressive record of counting 7 sheep in a single sitting. It takes pride in its meticulousness.

3.7 Honey

Honey’s chill-out hobbies include crochet and beekeeping, although not necessarily at the same time. It finds joy in creating and nurturing.

3.8 Furdinand

Furdinand enjoys cultivating aromatic herbs. It dislikes cold rainy days but has a weakness for small cakes.

3.9 Ja-fur

Ja-fur is a yoga teacher who loves chamomile tea. Recently, it has discovered a passion for oil painting and finds it therapeutic.

3.10 Prince Hairy

Prince Hairy is an aficionado of massages and may have even tried aromatherapy to relax. It values self-care and relaxation.

4. Why Should You Play Furzies: Mergedoku?

4.1 A Fun and Addictive Game

Furzies: Mergedoku is a super fun and addictive game that will keep you engaged for hours. Its cute and minimalistic design adds to its charm, making it a delight to play.

4.2 Classic Block Puzzle Gameplay

If you enjoy classic block puzzle games like Sudoku, Furzies: Mergedoku is a must-try. It combines the familiar elements of Sudoku with a unique twist, providing a refreshing gaming experience.

4.3 Designed for Entertainment and Relaxation

Infinity Games, the developer of Furzies: Mergedoku, specializes in creating games with a focus on minimal and relaxing gameplay. By playing Furzies: Mergedoku, you can unwind, have fun, and improve your concentration.

4.4 Exciting Future Updates

The team behind Furzies: Mergedoku is committed to bringing you more features and updates in the future. By joining the Furzies community, you can look forward to even more delightful gameplay experiences.


Furzies: Mergedoku is a fantastic mobile game that offers a unique blend of Sudoku and line block puzzles. With its relaxing gameplay, addictive challenges, and adorable furzie characters, it’s a game that will keep you entertained for hours. So, why wait? Join the Furzies community and start merging blocks to achieve the highest score possible. Visit our website at https://infinitygames.io to learn more and embark on this exciting puzzle adventure.

Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
Furzies: Mergedoku
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