Genie’s Math Farm

About Genie’s Math Farm

1. The Math Farm of Genie: Saving the Farm with Math Energy

1.1 A Farm in Trouble: Genie’s Grandpa and the Broken Farm Management Robot

Imagine a farm where all the crops are withering, and the farm management robot, Cucu, is broken. This unfortunate situation has befallen Genie’s grandpa’s farm due to the impact of a shooting star. It’s up to Genie, with the help of players like you, to save the farm until Cucu is fully repaired.

1.2 The Math-Planet: Similar to Earth, but with a Twist

Welcome to the Math-planet, the universe where Genie lives. It bears a striking resemblance to Earth, but with a unique twist. On Earth, cows eat grass and feed, right? Well, on the Math-planet, cows don’t eat grass. Instead, they feed on math skills. Yes, you heard that right! Math skills are the energy that powers this planet.

But here’s the catch – to grow the Math-planet successfully, affection and attention are just as important as math skills. It’s a delicate balance where nurturing and cultivating both math skills and emotional connection are essential.

2. Introduction to The Math Farm of Genie

The Math Farm of Genie is an educational game designed for children, combining the engaging elements of a farming simulation game with a math-studying system. Developed by Woongjin Thinkbig, this game utilizes the Mathpid AI system to provide various math problems tailored to each player’s academic achievement level.

2.1 Learning Through Play: Math Problems and Farm Management

In this game, players will be presented with a wide range of math problems based on their academic achievements. By solving these math problems, players earn math energy, which is used to grow and manage their virtual farm.

The game offers a comprehensive management system where players acquire math skills through problem-solving. As players progress and improve their math abilities, they will witness their farm thriving and flourishing.

2.2 Harvesting and Merchandising: Learning Real-Life Operations

The Math Farm of Genie goes beyond traditional learning methods by incorporating real-life business operations. Players can raise different types of animals and plants on their farm and sell the harvested and raised products in the market.

By engaging in these merchandising activities, players gain practical knowledge about marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. It’s a fun and interactive way for children to experience the world of commerce while reinforcing their math skills.

3. Functions of The Math Farm of Genie

3.1 Mathpid AI System: Tailored Math Problems

The Mathpid AI system, developed by Woongjin Thinkbig, serves as the backbone of The Math Farm of Genie. This system provides players with a wide range of math problems tailored to their academic achievements. Whether a player is a beginner or an advanced math whiz, there are challenges suitable for everyone.

3.2 Farm Management and Growth

The core of the game revolves around managing and growing your virtual farm. As players solve math problems and earn math energy, they can invest it in expanding and decorating their farm. From acquiring new animals and plants to upgrading facilities, players have full control over their farm’s growth.

3.3 Customization: Character and House

The Math Farm of Genie offers players the ability to customize their own character. While this feature is currently available, the developers have plans to further enhance it in future updates. Additionally, players can also decorate their virtual house, adding a personal touch to their in-game experience.

4. Conclusion: Learning, Growing, and Saving the Farm

The Math Farm of Genie provides an innovative and engaging way for children to learn and improve their math skills. By combining the elements of a farming simulation game with a math-studying system, this game offers a unique educational experience.

Through problem-solving, players not only enhance their math abilities but also develop a sense of responsibility and entrepreneurship. They learn the value of hard work, attention to detail, and the importance of nurturing both their math skills and emotional connection.

So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey to save Genie’s grandpa’s farm? Join Genie and start your math-filled adventure on the Math-planet today!

Genie’s Math Farm
Genie’s Math Farm
Genie’s Math Farm
Genie’s Math Farm
Genie’s Math Farm
Genie’s Math Farm
Genie’s Math Farm
Genie’s Math Farm
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