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Who Can Benefit from the Integral Function Calculus Application?

Are you a pre-university or university student struggling with integral calculus? Do you want to improve your math skills and become a master of logical and analytical reasoning? Look no further! The Integral Function Calculus application is here to help you.

Why Should You Choose This Application?

This application offers a simple and dynamic way to practice and improve your math skills. With a wide range of multiple-choice exercises, you can practice integral calculus, including the calculation of primitives of functions of one variable and antiderivative computation of functions of several variables. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced math student, this application has something for everyone.

What Makes This Application Unique?

Unlike other applications, this one provides infinite short and quick exercises. You can solve integral calculus problems at your own pace and convenience. No more struggling with countless spreadsheets or textbooks. Now you can have all the exercises you need for different grades and courses in one place.

What Can You Expect from the Integral Function Calculus Application?

1. Simple Integration:

Start with basic integration problems to build a strong foundation in integral calculus. Solve exercises involving simple integrable functions and learn the techniques to find their integrals.

2. Integration with Constants:

Take your integration skills to the next level by incorporating constants into your problems. Learn how to handle integrals with constants and enhance your understanding of this fundamental concept in calculus.

3. Sum of Integrable Functions:

Challenge yourself with exercises that require integrating the sum of multiple functions. Develop your ability to decompose complex functions into simpler ones and find their integrals.

4. Composition of Integrable Functions:

Explore the world of composite functions and their integrals. Learn how to apply the chain rule in integration and solve problems that involve the composition of integrable functions.

5. Change of Variable:

Discover the power of change of variable in integral calculus. Master the technique of substitution and see how it simplifies complex integrals. Practice applying different change of variable methods to various integrable functions.

6. Integration by Parts:

Dive into the concept of integration by parts and its application in solving integrals. Learn the integration by parts formula and practice using it to find the integrals of different functions.

7. Direct Polynomial Fractions:

Tackle integrals involving direct polynomial fractions. Sharpen your skills in integrating fractions with polynomial numerators and denominators. Solve exercises that require finding the integrals of direct polynomial fractions.

8. Polynomial Fractions with Real Roots:

Take on the challenge of integrating polynomial fractions with simple real roots. Learn the techniques to handle these types of fractions and find their integrals.

9. Polynomial Fractions with Real and Double Roots:

Push your skills further by solving integrals of polynomial fractions with both simple and double real roots. Enhance your understanding of complex fractions and their integrals.

10. Barrow’s Rule:

Explore Barrow’s rule and its application in integral calculus. Learn how to use this rule to find the integral of a function by evaluating its antiderivative at the upper and lower limits of integration.

11. Calculating Function Areas:

Discover how to calculate the area under a curve using integral calculus. Practice finding the area between two functions and enhance your understanding of the relationship between integrals and areas.

12. Antiderivative of Functions of Several Variables:

Expand your knowledge to functions of several variables. Learn how to find the antiderivative of a function with respect to one variable when it is the sum, product, or composition of several functions.

How Does This Application Work?

1. Easy and Dynamic Interface:

The application provides a user-friendly interface that makes solving math problems a breeze. The interactive problems are designed to be simple and engaging, allowing you to practice integral calculus with ease.

2. Offline Accessibility:

No internet connection? No problem! You can use this application anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. Enjoy solving interactive problems and exercises on your device, whether you’re online or offline.

3. Real-Time Results and Feedback:

Get instant feedback on your progress and performance. The application provides statistics on your percentage of successes, allowing you to track your improvement over time. You’ll also receive messages of encouragement to motivate you to continue practicing.

4. Global Ranking and Competition:

Compete with other players from around the world by uploading your results to the ranking of the best players. Challenge yourself to be the best among your friends or strive to be the top player globally. The competitive aspect adds a fun and exciting element to your practice sessions.


The Integral Function Calculus application is your ultimate tool for practicing and improving your math skills. Whether you’re a pre-university or university student, this application offers a comprehensive range of exercises and problems to help you master integral calculus. With its user-friendly interface, offline accessibility, real-time results, and global ranking system, this application provides a seamless and engaging learning experience. Say goodbye to traditional spreadsheets and hello to a new way of practicing integral calculus. Download the application now and start your journey to becoming a math master!

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