About Inu

Adopt Inu: The Cutest Virtual Pup for All Dog Lovers!

Who is Inu?

Inu is a virtual dog that combines the Shiba and Akita breeds. He is intelligent, affectionate, and faithful, making him the perfect pet for all dog lovers. You can give him a unique name or keep the name we have chosen for you. Inu means ‘dog’ in Japanese, and he is a special dog with the mentality of a Shiba and the coat of an Akita. You can even change his coat to make him the cutest doggie in the world!

How to Take Care of Inu?

You can take care of Inu by feeding him, cleaning him, and making him happy. He grows up quickly from a puppy to a full-grown dog, but he remains the cutest dog throughout his life. You can also customize his appearance by choosing from a wide range of accessories such as shoes, earrings, hats, haircuts, make-up, and more!

Where Can You Take Inu?

You can go on exciting adventures with Inu by exploring islands with varied themes. You can visit other puppies and dogs, unlock special costumes, food, and objects for your pup, or discover mini animals to unlock. You can also save mini animals as companions for your cute pup, from a hamster to a unicorn, and customize them with lots of cute accessories.

What Games Can You Play with Inu?

There are a multitude of mini games available to help you take care of your little puppy. From sticker collection to gardening and many other activities, you will never get bored! You can also discover many more activities and games to keep your little cute pet entertained.

Why Choose Inu?

Inu is the perfect virtual pet for all dog lovers. He is cute, loyal, and entertaining. You can customize his appearance and take him on exciting adventures. With a wide range of mini games available, you will never get bored while taking care of your little puppy.

How to Get Inu?

Inu is available for free on the application store. However, virtual currency is available for purchase to unlock additional content. Some activities or items described in this description, as well as the monthly subscription that provides exclusive and additional content, are optional and can be purchased for real money. The game also contains advertisements and links to other applications and third-party websites.


Inu is the cutest virtual pup that combines the Shiba and Akita breeds. He is the perfect virtual pet for all dog lovers, with a wide range of customization options, mini games, and exciting adventures. You can download Inu for free from the application store and start taking care of your little puppy today!

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