About Jaramba

Discover Jaramba: The Ultimate App Store for Kids

Who is Jaramba?

Jaramba is Sweden’s largest treasure trove for children between 2-5 years. It’s an application store website that offers a wide range of movies, books, songs, and games designed to entertain and educate young children. With a focus on fun and interactive learning, Jaramba provides unique content as well as collaborations with well-known children’s characters.

What does Jaramba offer?

Jaramba is packed with over 800 different activities specially selected to be both fun and educational. From developing vocabulary and counting skills to learning to spell and paint, Jaramba covers a wide range of topics that help children build crucial skills. It offers a safe and secure environment, free from external links, advertising, and in-app purchases, ensuring a worry-free experience for parents.

Unique Content and Collaborations

Jaramba features a vast collection of unique material, as well as adventures with beloved children’s favorites such as Hello Kitty, Pino, Peppy Pals, Miffy, Timmy Lamm, Pocoyo, Babyloonz, Josie & Nani, Friends, Svea, Totta’s things, Variegated, Flisan, Paddington, and many more. This diverse range of content ensures that children never run out of exciting activities to engage with.

Seasonal Playlists

Jaramba keeps things fresh and exciting by updating playlists according to the seasons of the year. From sports holidays and Easter to summer, school start, Halloween, and Christmas, Jaramba offers themed playlists that capture the spirit of each season. This ensures that children can enjoy content that aligns with their interests and the time of year.

Why choose Jaramba?

Jaramba stands out among other app store websites for kids due to several key reasons:

1. Fun and Development

Jaramba strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and education. By combining exciting adventures with educational content, children are inspired to play and learn. Jaramba offers a wide range of activities that cater to different interests, helping children develop their skills in a fun and engaging way.

2. Safety and Security

Jaramba prioritizes the safety of children. The platform is free from external links, advertising, and in-app purchases, ensuring a safe and secure environment for young users. Parents can trust that their children are exploring content that is appropriate and age-specific without any unwanted distractions or risks.

3. Unique and Collaborative Content

Jaramba’s collection of content is truly one-of-a-kind. With collaborations with well-known children’s characters, children can enjoy adventures with their favorite heroes and heroines. The unique material, combined with beloved characters, creates a captivating and engaging experience for young learners.

4. Personalized Playlists

Jaramba understands that every child is unique and has different interests. That’s why the platform offers playlists sorted by children’s interests. Whether it’s dinosaurs, animals, vehicles, birthdays, music, princes & princesses, stars & planets, or other themes, Jaramba ensures that there is something for everyone.

How does Jaramba work?

Jaramba has been developed in collaboration with educators within the preschool system. Its content is designed to align with how children naturally learn – through curiosity, playfulness, and repetition. The playlists are organized in a wheel format, allowing children to explore Jaramba’s content at their own pace and according to their interests. While adults may find Jaramba a bit overwhelming, children find it to be an entirely different and immersive experience.

How to subscribe to Jaramba?

Subscribing to Jaramba is easy and affordable. For just SEK 79 per month, you gain full access to all the activities and content available on the platform. The subscription renews automatically every month via your Google Play account, but you can opt-out at any time. Making changes to your subscription settings is straightforward and can be done through Jaramba’s My Pages or your Google Play account.

Jaramba for Preschools

Jaramba also offers a version specifically designed for preschools. This version provides tailored content and activities that align with the curriculum and learning goals of preschool education.


Jaramba is the ultimate app store website for kids, offering a wide range of movies, books, songs, and games that entertain and educate. With its unique content, collaborations with beloved characters, and personalized playlists, Jaramba ensures that children between 2-5 years have access to a safe and engaging platform for learning and play. Try Jaramba for free for 30 days and see how it can inspire your child’s curiosity and creativity.

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