About Khabri

Introducing Khabri: Your Personalized News App for Latest Pakistan News

Are you tired of scrolling through multiple news sources to stay updated on the latest Pakistan news? Do you want a personalized news reading experience that caters to your interests and preferences? Look no further than Khabri, the ultimate news aggregator app for all your Pakistan news needs.

What is Khabri?

Khabri is an online news aggregator that collects news updates from multiple sources, including reliable Pakistan news publishers and international news sources. Our team of experts carefully selects the most important news updates and organizes them into topics and cities, allowing you to choose your preferred news sources and topics.

How does Khabri Work?

Khabri offers an amazing news reading experience on the best user interface for any Pakistan news source. Our news topics include Top News, Good News, World News, Sports, Technology, Business, and local news updates for Karachi News, Lahore News, and Islamabad News. This gives you live news access to Pakistani news articles as they are published.

By arranging news by topic, we let you discover your favorite topics and sources. Our experts carefully select the most important Pakistani news from reliable publishers and organize them into topics and cities so that you can choose to read local news, such as Karachi News, Lahore News, or Islamabad news, based on your preference.

What are the Key Features of Khabri?

One of the key features of Khabri is the Good News filter, which offers you a dose of good Pakistan news every day. This option is specially liked by users who are not interested in the typical daily news updates like politics, business, finance or sports.

Khabri also offers the option of real-time news alerts and news break updates through notifications to keep you updated on the most important Pakistan news and world news updates for the day. This could include a breaking news or Karachi news or Lahore News depending on your topic and city selection.

Another favorite user feature is the Viral News topics, which arranges the most viral news content from all the different sources for the users, including both local Pakistani news and international news. This enables users to engage with some viral news and content and share it with their friends and family through the share option.

Khabri also offers a save option to save the most interesting articles, whether it is an international news or local Pakistan news, and access it later. It is especially helpful for interesting sports news articles or if you discover something interesting while surfing the Karachi News or Lahore news sections.

The entertainment topic on Khabri provides breaking news and news updates about local and international celebrities and influencers.

Finally, the Opinion section provides expert’s opinions on Pakistan news and international news for an impartial analysis. Sometimes it also includes their view on the latest sports news updates or any breaking news on the economy or politics.

What are the Topics on Khabri?

Khabri offers a range of topics that provide real-time news updates and latest Pakistani news from local sources for you to discover. The topics include:

  1. Top News
  2. Good News
  3. Sports
  4. Politics
  5. Business
  6. Entertainment
  7. Viral News
  8. Technology
  9. Opinions
  10. Karachi News
  11. Lahore News
  12. Islamabad News


In conclusion, Khabri is the ultimate news aggregator app for all your Pakistan news needs. With personalized news updates and breaking news alerts, you can stay updated with the latest news on your preferred topics and cities. Download Khabri today and enjoy an amazing news reading experience on the best user interface for any Pakistan news source.

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