Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle

About Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle

Fast-paced 13 Poker: A Unique and Exciting Poker Puzzle Game

Are you ready for the ultimate poker challenge? Look no further than Fast-paced 13 Poker, an enhanced version of the beloved 13 Cards/Chinese Poker game. This intuitive poker puzzle game takes the classic game to a whole new level with fast-paced matches and exciting new features. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Fast-paced 13 Poker is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment and intense battles of wits.

Ranked 2nd Top Free game in Singapore Google Play Store

Fast-paced 13 Poker has already gained recognition as one of the top free games in the Singapore Google Play Store. With its addictive gameplay and innovative features, it’s no wonder players are flocking to this game. Join the millions of players who have already experienced the thrill of Fast-paced 13 Poker and see if you have what it takes to climb the ranks and become a true poker master.

What Sets Fast-paced 13 Poker Apart?

Fast-paced 13 Poker is not your average poker game. It offers a unique and refreshing twist on the traditional game, making it stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the features that set Fast-paced 13 Poker apart:

Instant Win with Lucky13 Special Card Combinations

One of the most exciting features of Fast-paced 13 Poker is the ability to win instantly with Lucky13 special card combinations. These combinations can instantly bankrupt your opponents and earn you massive multipliers. With a multiplier of up to x3,480, you have the chance to win big and leave your opponents in the dust.

Chips Multiplier: Multiply Your Chips and Win Big

In Fast-paced 13 Poker, you have the opportunity to multiply your chips and win big. With the Chips Multiplier feature, you can multiply the chips you’ve earned and watch your winnings skyrocket. Imagine the thrill of seeing your chip count multiply before your eyes. It’s like hitting the jackpot every time.

Double Down: Take a Risk and Earn Double

Are you a risk-taker? Fast-paced 13 Poker has a feature just for you. With the Double Down feature, you can raise your bet for free and potentially double your winnings. It’s a high-stakes gamble that could pay off big time. Do you have what it takes to take the risk?

Innovative 1 VS 1 PK Game Mechanism

Fast-paced 13 Poker introduces an innovative 1 VS 1 PK game mechanism that adds an extra layer of excitement to each match. Instead of playing against multiple opponents, you go head-to-head with another player, challenging them to a battle of wits. It’s a true test of skill and strategy, and only the best will come out on top.

Change Cards: Outsmart Your Opponents

Ever wish you could change your hand in the middle of a game? With Fast-paced 13 Poker, you can. The Change Cards feature allows you to swap cards with your opponents, giving you the opportunity to outsmart them and secure a winning hand. It’s a game-changing move that can turn the tide in your favor.

Bomb Card: Rain Chips on Your Hands

Imagine having the power to make it rain chips. With the Bomb Card feature in Fast-paced 13 Poker, you can do just that. Move the multiplier to any hand and watch as chips rain down on you. It’s a thrilling experience that can quickly turn a losing hand into a winning one.

Mission: Complete Challenges and Earn Extra Chips

Fast-paced 13 Poker keeps the excitement going with its Mission feature. Complete challenges and earn up to x6 chips for a single hand. It’s a great way to test your skills and earn extra rewards. Can you complete all the missions and become a true poker champion?

Login Reward: Get Abundant Rewards Every 4 Hours

As a loyal player of Fast-paced 13 Poker, you’ll be rewarded for your dedication. With the Login Reward feature, you can get up to 12 rewards every 4 hours. It’s a great way to boost your chip count and keep the fun going. Don’t miss out on the chance to claim your rewards.

Exclusive Game Modes & Promotion Events

Fast-paced 13 Poker offers a variety of exclusive game modes and promotion events to keep things fresh and exciting. From The King of Lucky 13 Tournament to Joker Card and Celebration Packs, there’s always something new to look forward to. With the support and love of players like you, Fast-paced 13 Poker will continue to introduce new features and events to enhance your gaming experience.

Join the Fast-paced 13 Poker Community

Ready to join the Fast-paced 13 Poker community? Head over to our official Facebook group at Here, you can share your feedback, take part in exclusive events, get abundant rewards, and stay up to date with the latest news and updates. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other Lucksters and share your love for Fast-paced 13 Poker.


Fast-paced 13 Poker offers a unique and exciting gaming experience for poker enthusiasts of all skill levels. With its fast-paced matches, innovative features, and intense battles of wits, it’s no wonder this game has gained popularity and recognition. Whether you’re a casual player looking for some fun or a competitive player looking for a challenge, Fast-paced 13 Poker has something for everyone. Join the community today and see if you have what it takes to become a true poker master.

Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle
Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle
Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle
Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle
Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle
Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle
Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle
Lucky 13: 13 Poker Puzzle
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