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About My City : Babysitter

1. Become a Babysitter for a Day with My City : Babysitter!

1.1 What is My City : Babysitter?

My City : Babysitter is an exciting and engaging app that allows children to experience the joy of being a babysitter for a day. In this game, kids can dress up babies for a trip to the park, play games with them in the living room, run their own baby daycare, and much more. With its connected gameplay, kids can even take the train to babysit kids in other locations. This roleplay and exploration game offers hours of fun and endless possibilities.

1.2 Who is My City : Babysitter for?

My City games are designed for kids aged 4-12. These games promote imagination, creativity, and exploration in a fun and stress-free environment. Whether kids want to play alone or with friends and family, My City : Babysitter offers a multi-touch feature that allows kids to play together on the same screen.

1.3 What are the Features of My City : Babysitter?

– Roleplay storytelling game for kids with real-life locations: My City : Babysitter includes the babysitter’s house, a daycare, and a local children’s store. Kids can immerse themselves in the role of a babysitter and explore these exciting locations.
– Lots of new babies and fun characters: With a wide variety of babies and characters to choose from, kids can create their own unique stories and adventures.
– Baby store with cool bed lights, strollers, and a trampoline: Kids can visit the baby store and choose from a range of baby essentials and toys to make their babysitting experience even more fun.
– Super special secret room: The babysitter’s house has a secret room waiting to be discovered. Kids can embark on a mission to find it and unlock its mysteries.
– Subway transportation: Kids can use the subway to travel around the city and babysit kids in different locations. The connected gameplay allows for seamless movement between different My City games.
– Daycare center with awesome toys and games: The daycare center is filled with toys and games that kids love. They can engage in imaginative play and create their own stories with the babies.
– Night and day option: Kids can choose to play during the day or at night, adding an extra layer of excitement and adventure to their babysitting journey.
– Connectivity with other My City games: My City : Babysitter connects with other My City games, allowing kids to move characters, clothing, and items between games as if they are part of one large game.

2. How to Connect My City : Babysitter to other My City games?

2.1 Steps to Connect My City : Babysitter to other My City Games

To connect My City : Babysitter to other My City games, follow these simple steps:
1. Ensure that all the My City games are downloaded on your device.
2. Update your My City games to the latest version.

2.2 Benefits of Connecting My City : Babysitter to other My City Games

By connecting My City : Babysitter to other My City games, kids can enhance their gameplay experience in several ways:
– Expanded gameplay: Connecting games allows kids to explore new locations and play with additional characters, expanding the possibilities for storytelling and roleplay.
– Shared customization: Kids can transfer clothing, items, and characters between games, enabling them to create a consistent and personalized experience across different My City games.
– Seamless storytelling: With connected gameplay, kids can seamlessly move their characters between different locations, making their stories more immersive and interconnected.

3. About My Town Games

3.1 What is My Town Games?

My Town Games is a studio that designs digital dollhouse-like games aimed at promoting creativity and open-ended play for children all over the world. These games introduce various environments and experiences that provide hours of imaginative play. Loved by both children and parents, My Town Games has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania, and the Philippines.

3.2 Why Choose My Town Games?

– Creativity and open-ended play: My Town Games encourages children to use their imagination and creativity to create their own stories and adventures. The games offer a wide range of possibilities and allow kids to express themselves freely.
– Safe and engaging: My Town Games provide a safe and stress-free environment for kids to play. Parents can trust that their children are engaging in positive and educational gameplay.
– Multi-touch feature: The multi-touch feature in My City : Babysitter and other My Town Games allows kids to play together with friends and family on the same screen, fostering social interaction and cooperative play.
– Continuous updates and new content: My Town Games regularly releases updates and new content, ensuring that kids always have something new and exciting to discover in their virtual world.

3.3 Visit My Town Website

For more information about My Town Games and their collection of games, visit their official website at Here, you can find additional details about the games, updates, and other exciting features.

In conclusion, My City : Babysitter is a fantastic app that allows kids to experience the joy of being a babysitter for a day. With its immersive gameplay, real-life locations, and connected gameplay features, this game offers endless hours of fun and exploration. By connecting to other My City games, kids can further enhance their gameplay experience and create even more exciting stories and adventures. Choose My Town Games for a safe, creative, and engaging digital play experience for your children.

My City : Babysitter
My City : Babysitter
My City : Babysitter
My City : Babysitter
My City : Babysitter
My City : Babysitter
My City : Babysitter
My City : Babysitter
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