My City: Police Game for Kids

About My City: Police Game for Kids

A Police Game for Kids – Be a Police Officer in this Police Game by My Town

Are you ready to protect and serve? Join the police force in My City: Cops and Robbers, the ultimate police game for kids! In this exciting game, you can become a police officer, a judge, or even a robber. With over 100 million kids worldwide playing our games, My City: Cops and Robbers is guaranteed to provide hours of fun, adventure, and educational gameplay.

Become a Cop and Protect Your City

As a police officer, it’s your duty to protect your city from crime. Explore new locations such as the Jewelry Store, Police Station, and Courthouse, and solve crimes as a detective. Use your skills to catch robbers and bring them to justice. With 8 new locations to explore, the options for role-playing and creating your own stories are endless.

Train Your Own Police Dog

In My City: Cops and Robbers, you can also train your own police dog. Use your dog’s keen sense of smell to track down criminals and find their secret hideouts. Solve puzzles and work together with your loyal companion to keep the city safe.

Fun and Adventure Awaits

Let your imagination run wild in this fully interactive police game for kids. Touch, experience, and interact with almost any object you see in the game. With fun characters and highly detailed locations, you can create and act out your own stories and adventures. Whether you’re a 3-year-old beginner or a 12-year-old expert, My City: Cops and Robbers offers gameplay that is both easy to pick up and exciting to enjoy.

My City: Cops and Robbers Game Features

My City: Cops and Robbers is packed with features that will keep kids entertained for hours:

New Locations to Explore

  • Jewelry Store
  • Police Station
  • Courthouse
  • And more!

Wide Range of Characters

  • Play as a police officer, detective, judge, or robber
  • 5 new characters that you can take to other My City games
  • 20 characters included in this game

Endless Playability

With stress-free gameplay and high playability, My City: Cops and Robbers allows kids to play as they want. There are no 3rd party ads or in-app purchases, making it 100% safe for kids. Plus, once you purchase the game, you’ll receive free updates forever.

Connects with Other My City Games

All My City games connect together, allowing kids to share characters between games. This opens up even more story options and fun possibilities for imaginative play.

More Games, More Story Options, More Fun

My City: Cops and Robbers is suited for kids aged 3 to 12. It’s easy enough for young children to play, but exciting enough to keep older kids engaged. Plus, with multi-touch support, kids can play together with friends and family on the same screen.

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About My Town

My Town Games is a studio that designs digital dollhouse games to promote creativity and open-ended play for children around the world. Our games are loved by both kids and parents, offering environments and experiences for hours of imaginative play. With offices in Israel, Spain, Romania, and the Philippines, we strive to create games that inspire and entertain children everywhere. For more information, please visit our website.

My City: Police Game for Kids
My City: Police Game for Kids
My City: Police Game for Kids
My City: Police Game for Kids
My City: Police Game for Kids
My City: Police Game for Kids
My City: Police Game for Kids
My City: Police Game for Kids
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