My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game

About My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game

1. Take care of babies & toddlers to be a babysitter in the city. Play Now!

Do you like cute little babies? Do you think you can handle the adorable toddlers? Then this app is perfect to test your baby caring skills.

Are you ready to take on the role of a babysitter in the city? With the Tizi Town – Daycare app, you can experience the joy and challenges of taking care of babies and toddlers. Get ready to feed them, play with them, give them baths, and more in this fun kids game!


Step into the colorful and vibrant playrooms of Tizi Town – Daycare. Each playroom is filled with loads of toys and surprises for your little ones to explore. Let their imaginations run wild as they interact with the different toys and objects. Remember, there are no rules in Tizi Town, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine!

Discover all the different rooms, full of surprises and hidden treasures.

In Tizi Town – Daycare, there are multiple rooms for your little ones to discover. From the playroom filled with toys to the kitchen where delicious meals are prepared, each room holds its own surprises and hidden treasures. Let your children explore and find new adventures in every corner of Tizi Town.

Remember, there are no rules so don’t be afraid to interact with anything!

Unlike the real world, Tizi Town – Daycare has no rules or restrictions. Your children can freely interact with anything they see. Let their curiosity guide them as they touch, drag, and explore every item in the game. Who knows what surprises they might uncover?

Feed Me!

The cute little babies in Tizi Town – Daycare are hungry and it’s your job to feed them. Pay close attention to their needs and make sure to feed them before they start crying and get upset. Host a party for all the babies in the daycare where they can play and enjoy good food. It’s a great way to teach your children about the importance of mealtime and socializing.

Bath Time!

Keeping the babies and toddlers clean is essential to their health and well-being. In Tizi Town – Daycare, you can give the little ones a bath to ensure they stay fresh and germ-free. Make bath time fun by using colorful toys and gentle soaps. Your children will learn the importance of personal hygiene while enjoying the playful interactions in the game.

We should keep the babies & toddlers away from all the dirt.

Babies and toddlers are naturally curious and tend to explore their surroundings. However, this can expose them to dirt and germs. By giving them a bath in Tizi Town – Daycare, you are teaching your children the importance of cleanliness and how to stay healthy.

Doctor’s Clinic!

In Tizi Town – Daycare, sometimes the little ones may not be feeling well. Take them to the doctor’s clinic for a check-up and make sure they receive the necessary care. Your children will learn about empathy and compassion as they take care of their virtual baby girl or baby boy. Don’t forget to give them an appreciation toy after the check-up to make them feel better!

Your baby is not feeling so good. Get your little one checked in the doctor’s clinic & take care of your baby girl/baby boy.

Just like in real life, babies and toddlers can sometimes fall ill. In Tizi Town – Daycare, you can take your virtual baby to the doctor’s clinic for a check-up. Your children will learn about the importance of seeking medical help when necessary and how to care for others when they are not feeling well.

Time for Bed!

After a day full of fun and excitement, it’s time for your virtual baby to go to bed. Read them a bedtime story to help them relax and fall asleep quickly. Tuck them in and wish them goodnight. It’s a perfect way to end the day in Tizi Town – Daycare.

Read a bedtime story to the toddlers so that they sleep quickly. All tucked in and ready for bed. Nightie night.

Bedtime stories have been a tradition for generations, and they play an important role in a child’s development. By reading a bedtime story to the toddlers in Tizi Town – Daycare, your children will learn about the joy of storytelling and the importance of a good night’s sleep.

2. Features of Tizi Daycare

Play with fun children characters.

Tizi Daycare offers a variety of fun children characters for your children to play with. Each character has their own unique personality and traits, making the game even more engaging and entertaining. Let your children choose their favorite character and embark on exciting adventures in Tizi Town.

Touch, drag and explore every item and see what happens! Surprises are hidden everywhere!

In Tizi Daycare, your children can interact with every item they see. By touching and dragging objects, they can discover hidden surprises and unlock new experiences. Encourage your children to explore and experiment with different items to see what happens. Who knows what delightful surprises they might uncover?

Kid-friendly content without violence or scary treatments.

As a parent, you want to ensure that your children are exposed to age-appropriate content. Tizi Daycare has been designed with this in mind. The game features kid-friendly content without any violence or scary treatments. You can have peace of mind knowing that your children are playing in a safe and nurturing environment.

Completely safe to play. Made for kids aged 6-8 but everyone will enjoy playing this game.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to children’s apps. Tizi Daycare is completely safe to play, with no harmful content or advertisements. The game has been specifically designed for kids aged 6-8, but children of all ages can enjoy playing and exploring the virtual world of Tizi Town.

3. Download the app now to explore all the rooms. Don’t forget to give us a 5-star rating, we would love to hear from you.

Ready to embark on a baby caring adventure? Download the Tizi Town – Daycare app now and let your children explore the colorful rooms, interact with adorable babies and toddlers, and learn valuable life lessons along the way. Don’t forget to give the app a 5-star rating if you and your children enjoy playing it. Your feedback is valuable and helps us improve the game for future updates. So, what are you waiting for? Start your babysitting journey in Tizi Town today!

My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game
My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game
My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game
My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game
My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game
My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game
My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game
My Tizi Town Daycare Baby Game
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