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1. Run Your Own Hair Salon and Bring Joy to Pets with Stylish Makeovers

Are you ready to dive into the world of pet hair makeovers? With the exciting “Hair Salon – Fun Kids Game,” you can become a professional pet stylist and bring joy to lovely animals with funky and stylish haircuts. Imagine having bears, cats, dogs, and rabbits as your customers, all eagerly waiting for a chance to become real movie stars for a day. It’s time to unleash your creativity and design the most fabulous hairstyles for these adorable pets. So, let’s get started and make these furry friends shine!

1.1 Design Creative Hairstyles

In this engaging game, you’ll have the opportunity to design creative hairstyles for your furry customers. Before the curtains close, you need to wash their hair using shampoo and shower, and then dry it with a towel and a hairdryer. Think of yourself as a skilled barber, combing through messy hair and cutting it with scissors and a shaver. You can have a lot of fun making their hair stand on end!

1.2 Professional Tools for Styling

To achieve the perfect look, you’ll have access to a range of professional tools. If you want to create curly or straight hair, you can use tools such as a curling iron, hair straightener, hair curler, and even a hair restorer that works like magic. Experiment with different tools and create unique styles that will make your customers look stunning.

1.3 A Splash of Color

Hair makeovers wouldn’t be complete without some color! In this game, you can choose from a variety of 12 cool sprays to add a vibrant touch to your pet’s hair. From basic colors to the fashionable rainbow palette, let your imagination run wild and create eye-catching looks that will make your customers stand out from the crowd.

1.4 Accessories and Clothes

To add the final touches to your pet’s makeover, you can beautify them with accessories for all occasions. From bows and hairpins to tiaras, hats, and glasses, there are plenty of options to choose from. Don’t forget to dress them up in stylish clothes and make them look like true fashionistas. After all, every movie star needs a glamorous outfit!

1.5 Decorate the Showroom

Before the photoshoot, it’s essential to set the stage and create a beautiful showroom. Let your creativity shine as you decorate the salon with various props and make it a perfect backdrop for your pet’s dreamlike snapshot. Pay attention to every detail and create an environment that will make your customers feel like royalty.

1.6 Features of the Game

The “Hair Salon – Fun Kids Game” offers a range of features that will keep you entertained for hours:

– Beautiful HD illustrations: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals that bring the pets and their hairstyles to life.
– Bright and vivid colors: Enjoy a visually appealing experience with a vibrant color palette.
– Funny sound effects: Laugh along with the adorable pets as they react to their new looks.
– Cute characters with different face expressions: Each pet has its own unique personality, adding to the fun and excitement.
– 12 different color sprays: Choose from a wide range of colors to create the perfect hairstyle.
– 24 accessories and 18 clothes: Mix and match accessories and clothes to create endless combinations.
– Professional tools: Use a variety of tools to achieve the desired hairstyle.
– Free to play: Start your pet hair salon adventure without any cost.

1.7 In-App Purchases and Advertising

While the game is free to play, there are certain in-game items and features that may require payment via in-app purchases. These purchases cost real money, so it’s important to be aware of your device settings and set up parental controls if necessary. The game also contains advertising for Bubadus products or some third parties. These ads may redirect users to the Bubadus website or third-party sites or apps.

1.8 Child Privacy Protection

The “Hair Salon – Fun Kids Game” is certified compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by FTC approved COPPA safe harbor PRIVO. This means that the game has implemented measures to protect the privacy of children. If you’d like to learn more about the specific measures in place for protecting child privacy, you can refer to the game’s privacy policies, which can be found here: [link to privacy policy].

1.9 Terms of Service

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the game’s terms of service. These terms outline the rules and guidelines for using the game and can be found here: [link to terms of service].

In conclusion, “Hair Salon – Fun Kids Game” is an exciting and engaging application that allows you to run your own pet hair salon. With a wide range of tools, accessories, and colors at your disposal, you can unleash your creativity and transform lovely pets into stylish movie stars. Whether it’s washing, cutting, styling, or adding accessories, this game offers endless possibilities for fun and imaginative makeovers. Get ready to bring joy to your furry customers and create unforgettable hair transformations!

Pets Hair Salon
Pets Hair Salon
Pets Hair Salon
Pets Hair Salon
Pets Hair Salon
Pets Hair Salon
Pets Hair Salon
Pets Hair Salon
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