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1. Get the Latest Local News with the SANDESH News App

Stay Informed with Local News from Gujarat

Are you tired of being out of the loop when it comes to the latest news in your area? With the SANDESH News app, you can now stay connected with the latest news from Gujarat, India, and around the world. Whether you’re interested in politics, entertainment, business, cricket, sports, food, or any other topic, this app has got you covered.

Access Breaking News and Top Stories

When news breaks, you want to be the first to know. The SANDESH News app provides easy access to breaking news and top stories. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and never miss a beat. Whether it’s a local event or a global crisis, you can rely on this app to keep you informed.

Watch Daily Video Updates

Sometimes, reading the news just isn’t enough. With the SANDESH News app, you can watch daily video updates from the world of news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, business, food, and health. Get a visual perspective on the stories that matter to you and stay entertained while staying informed.

Customize Notifications for a Personalized Experience

Not all news is equally important to everyone. That’s why the SANDESH News app allows you to customize your notifications. Control the time and frequency of your news update notifications and receive news that is tailored to your interests. Stay informed without being overwhelmed by irrelevant information.

Share News Easily with Friends and Family

When you come across a story that you find interesting or important, you want to share it with others. The SANDESH News app makes it easy to share news with your friends and loved ones. Whether you prefer to share via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email, this app has got you covered.

2. Comprehensive Coverage of Local and Hyperlocal News

Stay Updated with Local News from All Over Gujarat

With the SANDESH News app, you can get full coverage of local news from all over Gujarat. Whether you live in Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, or any other city in Gujarat, this app provides you with the latest news that is relevant to your location. Stay connected with your community and never miss an important local story.

Brief News in 3 Points with Shorts Alerts

In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes you just don’t have time to read a lengthy news article. That’s why the SANDESH News app provides you with brief news in 3 points. Get the key information you need to know in a concise and easy-to-digest format. Additionally, the app offers Shorts Alerts to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, ensuring that you never miss an important development.

Photo Galleries, Slideshows, and Live TV

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The SANDESH News app offers photo galleries and slideshows, allowing you to see the news through captivating visuals. Additionally, the app provides access to live TV, allowing you to watch SANDESH 24×7 and stay connected with the latest news updates.

3. Easy-to-Use Features for a Seamless Experience

User-Friendly Interface for a Seamless Reading Experience

The SANDESH News app boasts a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless reading experience. Swipe left and right to navigate through articles and enjoy a faster and more convenient way of consuming news. With this intuitive design, you can easily find the stories that interest you the most.

Geo-Based News for Hyperlocal Updates

If you want to stay informed about what’s happening in your immediate surroundings, the SANDESH News app has got you covered. It offers geo-based news, providing hyperlocal updates based on your current location. Whether you’re interested in events, weather, or other local happenings, this feature ensures that you’re always in the know.

Contact and Follow SANDESH News

If you have any questions or need assistance with the SANDESH News app, you can reach out to their support team. They can be contacted via email at [email protected] or by phone at 079 4000 4000. For more contact details, you can visit their website at sandesh.com/page/contact-us.

To stay connected with SANDESH News, you can follow them on various social media platforms. They have a YouTube channel where you can watch their videos at youtube.com/c/SandeshNewsTV. You can also follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/sandeshnewspaper, on Twitter at twitter.com/sandeshnews, and on Instagram at instagram.com/sandeshnews. Stay updated with the latest news and engage with SANDESH News through these channels.


The SANDESH News app is your gateway to the latest news from Gujarat, India, and around the world. With comprehensive coverage of local and hyperlocal news, easy-to-use features, and a user-friendly interface, this app ensures that you stay informed and connected. Whether you prefer reading articles or watching videos, this app has something for everyone. Download the SANDESH News app today and never miss a beat when it comes to the news that matters to you.

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