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Discover a New Way to Teach Alphabet Writing in Albanian for Your Children

Introducing an Interactive Educational App

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your children how to write the alphabet in Albanian? Look no further! Our interactive educational app provides a unique and effective method for children to learn how to write all 36 letters of the Albanian language.

With the help of illustrations and captivating narration, this app allows children to not only learn how to write the alphabet but also challenges and entertains them at the same time. As they progress from one level to another, they will earn stars for their achievements, making the learning experience even more rewarding.

Features of the App

The main feature of our app is a blackboard-style interface with four different colored markers. Children are presented with a letter and are tasked with writing it correctly on the board. If they write the letter correctly, they will earn a maximum of three stars. However, if they make a mistake, they can use the eraser to correct it.

The app also incorporates music and sound effects to make the learning process more enjoyable. Additionally, the narration is provided by children, creating a sense of familiarity and connection for your little ones.

Why Choose Our App?

1. Interactive Learning: Our app engages children in an interactive learning experience, making the process more enjoyable and effective.

2. Visual and Auditory Learning: By combining illustrations, narration, music, and sound effects, our app caters to both visual and auditory learning styles.

3. Progress Tracking: The app allows you to track your child’s progress as they advance through the levels and earn stars for their achievements.

4. Error Correction: Children have the opportunity to correct their mistakes using the eraser tool, promoting a sense of self-correction and improvement.

5. Engaging and Rewarding: The inclusion of stars as rewards motivates children to strive for success and encourages them to continue learning.

How to Use the App

Using our app is simple and intuitive. Just follow these steps:

1. Download and install the app on your device.

2. Open the app and select the Albanian language option.

3. Choose a level that corresponds to your child’s current writing abilities.

4. The app will display a letter on the blackboard. Your child should use their finger or a stylus to write the letter on the screen.

5. If the letter is written correctly, your child will earn stars. If there are any mistakes, they can use the eraser tool to correct them.

6. Encourage your child to progress through the levels, earning as many stars as possible.

7. Monitor your child’s progress using the app’s tracking feature.


Our interactive educational app is a fantastic tool for teaching your children how to write the alphabet in Albanian. With its engaging interface, captivating narration, and rewarding system, your child will not only learn how to write the letters but also have fun in the process. Download our app today and watch your child’s writing skills soar!

Shkruaj Shkronjat
Shkruaj Shkronjat
Shkruaj Shkronjat
Shkruaj Shkronjat
Shkruaj Shkronjat
Shkruaj Shkronjat
Shkruaj Shkronjat
Shkruaj Shkronjat
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